Mental Health

International and Australian research shows bi+ people report some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, distress and suicidality in the LGBTIQA+ community. Study after study shows poorer mental health amongst Bi+ people, compared to Gay/Lesbian, and to Straight people.

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Private Lives 2

The Private Lives studies give us some of the best Australian data on LGBT mental health, and reproduces the data we find across studies showing increased mental illness for Bi+ people. This study did not collect/use data on people identifying other than men/women.

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Lifetime Mental HEalth

Loi, Lea and Howard (2017) looked at mental health, substance use, and service access with 366 Australians in an online survey, and found Bi+ men, women, and nonbinary people had the highest proportion of lifetime mental health disorder diagnosis.

Bisexual orientation is still a comparatively significant and substantive driver of anxiety symptoms. …

We can conclude that a bisexual orientation remains a long term risk for increased anxiety in fully conditioned models.
— (Burns et al, 2016), from an epidemiological study looking at long term risk

We note the poor mental health outcomes to help establish the need for dedicated funding from state bodies, focused training for mental health professionals, and the crucial urgency of Bi+ activism to reduce biphobia wherever it exists.

Living the Bi Life!

Bi+ Wellbeing

Bi+ people are diverse, creative, wonderful human beings, here are just a few that we love!



Singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, and homegrown SUPERSTAR!


Janelle Monae

Our Pansexual Bicon, all praise to Janelle!


Freddie Mercury

From a little known band, Queen